Domson Intersystems

Securing Homes Since 1987

     Now you can secure your home and protect your loved ones by installing our state-of-the art 24 hour monitored Alarm Systems.  Contact us now and find out about our *FREE basic Alarm Systems. 

     We can monitor your home or business 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for intrusion, fire and medical.  Our alarm systems are expandable and in having this capability you can have a variety of different types of sensors to monitor certain conditions that apply to your unique lifestyle.

              Always Connected

   How convenient would it be to use your smartphone or Tablet anywhere in the world to check your home or business alarm status and be able to remotely arm/disarm your system from a single button?  Have notifications texted to your phone letting you know when your kids came home?  Or even be able to identify if your alarm system has detected any troubles and needs any maintenance done?  An IP module can easily be connected to our alarm systems in order to have this kind of interactivity on the 'go'.  If you forget to arm your alarm system, now your able to simply open an app from your smartphone or tablet and check the arming status to see if you armed your alarm system.  If not, its as simple as pressing a button to quickly arm the system.  Our competitors will charge you monthly for this service....we charge you a low fee for the hardware and NO ADDITIONAL MONTHLY FEE!  


Wireless Monitoring Made Easy!

     With the growing trend of homeowners moving away from traditional phone lines you won't have to worry about your alarm system not being able to communicate with the central station.  A GSM can be added on to your new or existing alarm system allowing your system to communicate wirelessly to the central station!  No more worries about telephone line seizures or long power outages rendering some phone systems inoperable.  Our wireless GSM's are the most reliable way to communicate alarm signals and will ensure you get the service you need when you need it most!